Major League DJz Are Putting Finishing Touches To Their “Pianochella” Album

Major League Djz are almost done with their "Pianochella" album

Major League Djz reveal they are almost done with their upcoming album named “Pianochella”.

All year long, Amapiano has been getting a huge boost and it has been amazing to see. We do love ourselves a good competition between various SA music genres. From what we hear, Major League DJz are bringing some fire power to the scene.

Major League has been working hard on new music since the year began. They have appeared on some features and even revealed that they are currently working on their upcoming album titled “Pianochella”.

So there you have it, attending lush birthday parties hasn’t been the only thing the two have been up this year. The popular duo recently shared all the work they are currently doing on the upcoming album whilst revealing that they are adding some finishing touches to the album. Hopefully, that is ready soon and a release date gets announced for it.

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