Major League DJz Dub Uncle Vinny The Coolest Kid In SA

Popular DJz, Major League Dub the coolest kid in SA.

We believe that Major League is influential enough to crown anyone in the country. In fact, their word is bond, and there are no two ways about it. The duo is recently taken by a certain young celeb who is just a delight to watch.

While on their “What’s The Levol EP” tour, they hit several spots with including the BMW depot in Durban. Another post shared by them shows Vinny doing what he’s best known for. That’s being the life of the party. In the caption, they ask who the coolest kid in SA is, obviously referring to the media star. We agree.

The “What’s The Levol EP” tour seems to be going really well. They have shared photos and videos from it to social media. The duo continues to exact their dominate with the “ Live Balcony Mix”.

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