Major League DJz Ignite Drama With Picture Of Them Posing With Johann Rupert

The Major League DJz brothers Nadile and Banele Mbere have found themselves in the middle of a new drama over the picture they took with South African billionaire Johann Rupert. The DJ duo had shown up at a party for the Springboks after their Rugby World Cup win, which was attended by the billionaire.

They ended up taking pictures with him, which provoked a debate among South Africans. Some joked that Julius Malema, with whom they appear to be close and a known critic of Rupert, would not be pleased with them frolicking with the billionaire.

And yet some believe their meeting with the wealthy business magnate was their way of “securing the bag.” The jokes didn’t end there, as someone pointed out that it would be nice to meet the “president of the country” and one couldn’t;t fault the brothers for doing so – invariably hinting at the massive influence Rupert has in South Africa’s economic life. You can check out the posts below.

Anyway, as another social media user pointed out, it is Major League DJz’s life to live and people cannot tell them with whom to frolic and who to avoid. Well, that seems pretty obvious to all, yes?

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