Major League DJz’s Bandile & Nomalanga Shozi Split

In a twist that got many South Africans asking questions, it has just been revealed that amapiano producer Bandile and his girlfriend Nomalanga Shozi are no longer together.

The two were mostly private about their relationship and even when Nomalanga gave birth to their daughter, they still didn’t “loud” the relationship but South Africans had become aware at that point. Nomalanga was excited to be a mother and shared the same around that time.

With the news that she is no longer with Bandile. South Africans are scratching their heads and asking what exactly went wrong. Well, there have been no answers from either of them so far. While Bandile has been completely silent over the split, Nomalanga Shozi had laconically confirmed she is no longer with him.

As one of the hosts of a recent Martell event in South Africa, she had been questioned at the event about her relationship with Bandile, and she confirmed that they are no longer together. She described herself as a hot single mum now ready for what the future holds for her.

South African teems with baby mamas and single mums, and Nomalanga Shozi has just taken a position as the latest addition to the list.

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