Makhadzi Accused Of Stealing Concept For “Ghanama” Music Video

Makhadzi accused by Piano singer, for stealing the concept for her new “Ghanama” music video.

Is it just us or has there been so much drama surrounding Makhadzi’s new song “Ghanama”? Well, there actually has. First, she and former collaborator, made the news severally until he was taken off the song, now, she’s being accusing of stealing its music video concept.

19 year old Piano artist, has accused the “Murahu” star of stealing ideas from her “Piano Culture” music video. In reply, Makhadzi’s team has refuted these claims. From Makhadzi’s label, Lionel Jamela said to Thabza “If you want fame, you must go back to studio and work harder.”

However, according to The Sowetan, there are obvious similarities between the two videos. Both are filmed on a sports court, and also use the same dancers, Limpopo Boy and Rush Mabanana. Check both videos out and let us know what you think.

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