Makhadzi and Inno Morolong Ended Their Beef And Went Clubbing

Fans are stunned to see that Makhadzi and Inno Morolong buried their public beef and went clubbing together.

It looks like we have new besties in our view. Makhadzi and Inno Morolong are the most shocking friends on the scene right now. This is certainly because of what transpired between them in the past.

The two had traded insults aimed at each other, and Mzansi watched it unfold. Makhadzi accused Inno of having plastic surgery done, and she reacted with a slew of insults body-shaming the “Ghanama” star and insulting her looks. It was so brutal that Makhadzi’s fans rallied around her in support.

We heard that Makhadzi slid into her dms to apologize, and they buried the hatchet. The two were recently spotted partying together. A popular Instagram page, @maphepha_ndaba, shared a video of them at the club. The page claims they cried while saying sorry to each other. Congrats to them.

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