Makhadzi Called Out For Failing To Pay Designer For Three Outfits For Music Video Shoot

Cost Of Makhadzi’s B&B Provokes Debate Among South Africans

It appears there is no end in sight in the drama surrounding South African singer Makhadzi, as recent reports indicate that she failed to pay an upcoming designer R2700 for 3 outfits she got for an upcoming music video shoot.

According to multiple reports, the “Ghanama” hitmaker got three outfits from Zoe Bhozza, a Johannebug-based designer and promised to pay for them but never did. According to the designer, Makhadzi’s videographer introduced her to the singer.

She claimed that she initially charged the singer R5k for the three outfits. But the videographer complained about the price. So she reduced it to R3,500. Again the videographer complained. She then reduced it to R3k. Still, Zee said it was too much.

As a final concession, she charged R2,700 for the three outfits and appeared to have been cool with both parties. The outfits were delivered but she said she was never paid for them. She was to have paid R800 upfront but never paid that and never paid the full sum for the apparel to this day.

At the time of writing, Makhadzi had not addressed the issue. We’d share her side of the story as soon as she addresses the designer’s claims. Stay tuned if you please.