Makhadzi Celebrates Acquiring Two-Storey Home In Sandton

In spite of all the controversies surrounding her life, South African actress Makhadzi is still making big leaps, still winning, and still buying houses.

The songstress has been on a property acquisition spree of recent and letting fans in on her journey. She recently acquired a two-storey apartment, and in the tradition for which she is already famous, she shared about the same online.

In a rent Instagram post, she had shared slides of herself at the property. In the first slide, she could be seen sitting on the sill of one of the windows. She rocked pink apparel. The second slide showed someone who appears to be a cleaner on the first storey of the apartment.

The caption was all there is to know that the property was recently acquired. She noted that she came to clean her new bae. You can check out her post below.

The property she showed off below is one of several she has acquired in recent years. She already bought a home each for her mother and father, who are separated. Those were her firsts. Thereafter, she had bought her own home and continued building her property portfolio, the most recent addition being the property of this story.