Makhadzi – “I’m Not Catching Feelings, I’m Catching Flight”

Mzansi hitmaker, Makhadzi says she isn’t catching feelings but she’s catching flights.

The success that “Murahu” hitmaker, Makhadzi has had in the airwaves this year has been impressive. The Limpopo star has poured herself into her music and made only memorable hits and gained praise from all over the country. It seems she no longer has time for love.

Back in 2020, the “Ghanama” singer parted ways with boyfriend, “Jerusalema” star, Master KG. Fans were sad to see the couple split but we all made peace with it. Now, Mzansi believes they might be a thing again. They’ve been spotted in the studio looking like there’s something between them.

This has led to speculations about their romantic lives. Unfortunately, Makhadzi has ended the speculations in a recent Live feed. She revealed that she isn’t catching feelings for the “Shine Your Light” star but rather, she’s catching flights. This proves that she’s all about her music these days, which is a huge priority.

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