Makhadzi Leaves Open Mic Productions

Mzansi singer and performer Makhadzi has left Open Mic Productions after three years.

Makhadzi has risen to be one of the most talked-about artists in the country. With sold-out shows across the country and Africa, her label Open Mic Productions is partly to thank for that. According to a recent report by News 24, the “Murahu” singer has left the label.

She revealed in a statement that she had waited for someone from the label to reach out to her with information on how they’d work together, but that did not happen. She finally made the decision to exit the label as her 3-year contract ended.

“I signed a three-year contract with Open Mic in March 2020. I was waiting for them to maybe talk to me about how we’ll work together, but no one came to me. That’s why I decided to send a final email to say I was aware that the contract had ended,”

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