Makhadzi Plans New Outfit For Her Birthday Celebration In Eyadini

Mzansi singer and performer Makhadzi planned a new outfit for her birthday celebration in Eyadini on June 30th.

If anyone deserved to let their hair down and party, it was most certainly Makhadzi. The singer has been through a lot, and it is nice to see her do something for herself.

Weeks back, Mzansi was shocked to see her embroiled in so much drama. She had called her former label Open Mic Productions, out for claiming she was still signed to them and renewing her contract without her approval. The back and forth was draining, so we are excited to see her celebrating.

For her 27th birthday, Makhadzi planned a whole event in Eyadini Durban with performances from her faves, including Malume, as a gift. She also planned a new outfit with a different designer. She announced to fans that she had her fingers crossed about it. Of course, she did not forget to wish herself a happy birthday.

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