Makhadzi Under Fire As DJ Rabs Vhafuwi Shares Screenshots Showing She Is Owing Him R16,500

South African singer Makhadzi has come under fire from sections of social media after a music producer known as DJ Rabs Vhafuwi shared screenshots showing that she is owing him almost R17k.

When the screenshots popped online, many South Africans were stunned and they criticised the “Ghanama” hitmaker over it. One pointed out that she was accusing her former record label Open Mic Productions of owing her while she was herself owing other people.

In the screenshots, which have since gone viral, DJ Rabs indicated that he did a job worth R20k for the songstress but he was only paid R3,500, leaving a balance of R16,500. Apparently, he had made several attempts to get the balance of his money but failed.

He decided he had had enough and decided to call out the singer, urging her to keep the balance since she has refused to pay him. You can check out the screenshots below,

At the time of writingMakhadzi had not responded to the claims DJ Rabs made against her. South Africans have since taken up the caser and have been criticising Makhadzi for not showing basic integrity – crying foul that Open Mic has refused while also deliberately ignoring someone she was owing

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