Makhadzi Under Fire Over Claims Winky D Sabotaged Her Performance

Will there ever be an end to the sporadic drama involving South African singer Makhadzi? We may never know. The songstress is currently trending in Zimbabwe over her claim that Zimbabwean rapper Winky D sabotaged her performance at the Africa Music Festival UK.

In a trending video, the songstress had claimed that she was told she could only perform for a few minutes because she was not from Zimbabwe. her claims annoyed many South Africans, most of whom rose in her defence. Some wanted to know who invited her to the event and why she was not accorded the courtesy she deserved.

On the other hand, Winky D’s fans did not take lightly her claims that their idol sabotaged her performance. They lashed out at her as well over what she said about him. Some asked her to apologise for her comments. At the time of writing, however,m there was no evidence she had apologised – nor is there a remote possibility she would do so. You can check out the clip below.

Makhadzi is famous as much for her music as for her electrifying performance. Now and then, though, she gets involved in one controversy or the other – almost always centred around performance.

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