Makhadzi‘s Ex-boyfriend Lwams Reacts To News Of Her Return To Master KG

Makhadzi’s ex-boyfriend Zwivhuya Nelwamondo has reacted to the news of her going back to Master KG, the man she dated before him.

Makhadzi dated Master KG and then they had split quietly. It wasn’t until later that Master KG announced that they were no longer together. After their split, Makhadzi had gone into a relationship with Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, a businessman.

For as long as the relationship was on, the couple looked seriously in love and many people across South Africa began talking about lobola. But it never happened. Makhadzi left him.

After giving hints that she’s back in a relationship with Master KG, the two had become social media official in their relationship again.

Zwivhuya appeared to have been displeased by it all but chose not to bother himself much. Instead he would focus on the money. In a video he shared online, he could be seen counting wads of cash while speaking to another person who must have been the cameraman.

By the way, some of Makhadzi’s fans are displeased with his reunion with Master KG, though. They think he’s exploitng her now that she appears to be more famous, with greater social visibility. Master KG dismissed those views, however.

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