Makhadzi’s Speech at the ANC Manifesto Divides Mzansi

Mzansi singer Makhadzi gets slammed for praising the ANC government for their impact on her village’s development during an ANC manifesto speech.

Makhadzi is back in the news again after she endorsed the ANC at their Manifesto Launch. She praised the party for helping with the development of her village. She said,

“During my childhood, our village only had 100 houses. We didn’t have schools because the number of learners was too small, but now, as I am speaking, the children from my village have a school with everything.”

“There was no water and electricity, the government helped my village to get at least water at the corner of my street and electricity. I grew up with my grandmother. My mom and dad separated when I was still young. My father didn’t want me to live with her, so I stayed with my grandmother.”

“The government gave our parents grant money just because she was far away from me, and I didn’t know where she was staying until the age of ten. I managed to survive because the government was giving my grandmother grant.”

“I managed to taste the flavour of chicken at least once or twice in a month because of my grandmother’s grant. As an artist, my grandmom’s grant helped me to print the first stock of my CDs to go and sell them on the street.”

She was slammed by fans for endorsing the party amidst times when people were calling for them to be voted out.

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