Makhadzi’s Team on Alleged Attack On Her Person In Zimbabwe

Recently, a video surfaced online showing the moment popular Venda singer Makhadzi was reportedly attacked on stage with bottles and stones for arriving late for a show in Zimbabwe. It was as unexpected as can be imagined, and many had a hard time processing it.

Well, the singer’s management has since given some insight into the whole controversy. Brenden Maseko, an executive at Open Mic Productions, the record label to which Makhadzi is signed, gave some insight into the incident, noting that the singer was not assaulted in the real sense of the word.

According to him, the narrative that people threw bottles at Makhadzi is false. It was just a security weakness, which the promoter could have addressed before Makhadzi arrived but failed to do so. He noted that the barricade for the golden circle and general access was just that — a barricade without security.

So when Makhadzi came around, there was a big push as people struggled to reach her and interact with her. This led to a bit of chaos as concertgoers lobbed missiles at one another, which was “erroneously” reported as an attack on Makhadzi.

By the way, not everyone buys the explanation from her management.


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