Makwa Previews New MFR Souls Song “Yonk’into Iwrong”

What has and amapiano group been up to? Well, we can volunteer that they have been up to something interesting. Come on.

Early yesterday they previewed a new song titled “Yonk’into Iwrong.” They gave no exact date for the release of the song, but we are guessing it won’t be long. At most, two weeks and the song will be buzzing across speakers in Mzansi.

Well, from the preview, it appears what’s coming is a party anthem. Not bad, really, as boredom has set in following the enforcement of lockdown measures to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa. The news is that the lockdown has been relaxed. It appears the party might follow, after all.

is a solo artiste but shares great musical connection with the amapiano group. This much should be obvious from the preview. Can you guess what’s coming just by listening to the preview? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

Keep your eyes open for “Yonk’into Iwrong,” the full song. We will review it here when it drops. Until then, you may want to follow Makwa’s profile here and MFR Souls here.

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