Makwa Shares Release Date For 22-Track “Makwande” Album

For fans of South African rapper Makwa who have been angling for new music from him, there is a piece of good news. The songster will be dropping a new album in the middle of next month (October).

In a post on his verified X account, the songster announced that he will be dropping a new album, dubbed “Makwande” on October 13. He is so confident about the imminent project that he noted it; ‘s going to be like a movie. You can check out the post.

Makwa Shares Release Date For 22-Track &Quot;Makwande&Quot; Album 2

Actually, this isn’t the first time he has announced the release of the album. He had initially wanted to release the album on September 22. However, as he noted in a tweet on the 14th of that month, he was unable to get the features he needed. This prompted a deferment of the project.

Makwa Shares Release Date For 22-Track &Quot;Makwande&Quot; Album 3

With the latest announcement, he had likely gotten all the features he desired. Now, what’s left is to add the finishing touches to the album and then release it. The album will contain 22 tracks in all.

Expectations are high already as fans look forward to the announced date, hoping there won’t be a deferment again this time. Well, we will bring the album to you as soon as it’s released.

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