Makwa’s Revelations: AKA’s First Business Class Flight & Okmalumkoolkat’s Reluctance

A Peek into the Behind-the-Scenes of SA Hip-Hop

In recent interviews, South African hip-hop artist Makwa has shared some intriguing insights into his experiences in the music industry. He revealed details about his collaboration with AKA and Okmalumkoolkat, shedding light on some lesser-known aspects of their work together.

In a conversation with SA Hip-hop Mag via The Episode Podcast, Makwa spoke about his first business-class flight experience, courtesy of AKA. The renowned producer was invited by AKA to Cape Town for the creation of the EP “Bhovamania”. Makwa recounted, “Kiernan called me at midnight and said yo, I want us to go to the studio to Capetown the following morning.” The trip, which also included Gemini, was a week-long recording session for “Bhovamania”.


Makwa also discussed his work on “Mayibabo”, a hit track from Kwesta’s “Dakar II” album, featuring DJ Buckz and OkMalumkoolkat. Despite the song’s success, Makwa revealed that Okmalumkoolkat was initially hesitant to record his verse. “He didn’t even want to record that verse. We had to convince him and beg him to get into the studio, but he was refusing,” Makwa said. Eventually, Okmalumkoolkat’s verse turned out to be the longest on the song, contributing significantly to its popularity.

These revelations offer a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of collaboration in the music industry. They highlight the challenges and rewards of working together to create memorable music. As Makwa continues to make his mark in South African hip-hop, fans can look forward to more insights and standout tracks from this talented artist.

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