Malema Addresses “Haters” Over His Viral “Leaking Nose” Video

The controversies around the person of Julius Malema appear unending, and he seems to relish the controversies, too. But he certainly didn’t find the most recent one funny at all, so he clapped back angrily at his “haters.”

In a now-viral clip, the EFF leader could be seen in a moment when his nose appeared somewhat leaky. His critics descended on the clip and used it to mock him, claiming that his “leaky nose” was a sign of him abusing drugs.

Of course, such accusations carried a lot of weight, and Malema keeping silent would have indirectly added flames to the claim, giving it authenticity on social media and other platforms. So he responded swiftly.

he was somewhat restrained but patently mocking in his response to the clip. He addressed why his nose was leaky at that point, noting that the environmental condition affected his sinuses, and since it was raining at the time, he was unaware the running was from his nose.

According to him, he thought it was the rain beating him. But then, his “haters,” he claimed had run with the narrative that pleased them. You can check out the post below.

While some tweeps bought his excuse, some were not convinced.

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