#Malume: Here Is Why Malume Is Trending On Twitter

Here is the hilarious reason “Malume” is blowing up the trends.

You may have noticed the name “Malume” dominating the trends this morning. Well, the reason would make you laugh. A video shared by Twitter influencer Man’s Not Barry Roux has been making rounds on the platform this morning.

The video shows a swimming contest in Mzansi where a man named Malume competed. Once the whistle is blown, they all jump in the water to outswim each other to the other end of the pool. Sadly, Malume is not a fantastic swimmer. He basically struggles with the water and holds on to the rope to steady himself at some point.

The cool thing is that he has people cheering him on. It is not clear whether he swam as a dare or if it was a contest he willing entered. He struggled with the water until he reached the other end of the pool while his cheerers screamed his name. By the way, he came in last. LOL.

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