Mama Joy and Papa Joy Post Steamy Kiss Photo

Mama Joy and her man post a photo of themselves sharing a steamy kiss, and Mzansi has so much to say about it.

If you have ever wondered how older people act when they fall in love, you might want to follow Mama Joy on social media to get graphic photos of it. The famous Royal AM supporter is in love, and she’s screaming it at the top of her lungs.

After spending time in Paris supporting the South African team, Mama Joy won big as she got herself a man who seemed to think the world of her. The star made sure Mzansi got a full dose of him and how he spoils her with gifts every day.

Although Netizens don’t want to see all she’s been posting, it still has not stopped her. She recently shared a photo of them sharing a kiss with the caption,

“This is love, not a dream. Love you, The king of My Castle, My handsome King of My heart, My ‘Frenchy’, My soul and mind Keeper.”

She returned with another post in which she wrote,

“See you soon the King of my heart, my handsome Frenchy. Love lives here. My heart’s protector. Love you.”

Some fans have called on her to keep some things about her relationship private.

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