Mama Joy Bags An award From CAF

Mama Joy makes Mzansi proud as she bags an award from CAF at the Africa Cup of Nations.

While many have questioned who sponsors Mama Joy to go and support our sports teams at games, some believe her energy is what the teams need. Many have praised her for her presence at AFCON 2024.

She made Mzansi proud as she was crowned Fan of the Match by the Confederation of African Football at the Africa Cup of Nations. The country’s official team Bafana Bafana was victorious, scoring 2:0 in their match against Morocco, adding to the excitement of the fans.

Mama Joy’s outfit at the games caught many eyes as she supported the team. CAF wrote,

“That’s how you dress up as a football fan! Our @orange fan-of-the-match for the final round of 16 games.”

Mama Joy retweeted the tweet and showed appreciation for the recognition.

She had previously stated in an interview, that Bafana Bafana would come out with a 2:0 victory, and she was right. She said, “Today we are going to beat Morocco 2-0, 2 Bafana Bafana, 0 Morocco.”

Fans have praised her for being there to support the team. They believe her presence at the games is just what everyone needs. Congrats to her.

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