Mam’Mkhize Denies Fraud History

Reality star Mamkhize denies fraud history against her.

Shauwn Mkhize is set to address her fraud conviction on Carte Blanche. The show released a teaser for the upcoming episode which featured the Royal AM CEO denying ever being convicted for tax evasion, fraud and forgery in 2005.

She is reported to have shut down rumours spreading in late 2023 that her football club was for sale because she had run it into financial troubles. She was also accused of failing to pay her players for months. Years ago, the famous millionaire was also accused of providing false information in order to secure over R100 million in government tenders.

In the explosive interview by Carte Blanche, Shauwn Mkhize is said to have asked the question, “does fame and fortune get you a clean slate?” She also denies her fraud conviction, saying it was not her.

She said, “But it can’t be me because that was not me. It’s the company. Because that was the company that was charged.”

News24reports that the reality star addressed the reports in a comment to them, saying, “[I] wish to address erroneous statements made following the recent broadcast of Carte Blanche in which I was falsely identified as a convicted fraudster. Despite assertions to the contrary, unfounded allegations persist regarding my character.”

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