Mampintsha And Babes Wodumo Feared They Were Going To Loose Out On Reality Show Broadcast

Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo believe that they will lose out if their reality is broadcast by Moja Love.

Gqom music fame couples, Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo, have stopped Moja Love from broadcasting their reality show, to avoid losing money from reputation damage control.

Mampintsha and Babes approached the high court to stop the from broadcasting because a part of the reality show would show the couple engaging in drunken fights. The couple’s reality show was meant to be broadcast last week Thursday 21st, 2019; on DSTV Channel 157.

Reports from sources who have seen footage of the reality show stated that the couple was shown as being notorious in the mould of Bonnie and Clyde.

Based on a report made by a source close to Moja Love, the person had seen an early edit of Impilo: Mamphinsta West Ink. The recorded drunken fights by Mamphtinsta and Babes, and Babes would be portrayed as the aggressor.

The insider said:

It’s terrible. They are drinking and fighting. Babes instigates a number of fights. So like you saw in the promo on social media, there is a lot of that.

It’s Babes drinking a lot, both of them drinking at some point and them fighting afterwards. So when she’s drunk she hits him. But on camera you never see Mampintsha hitting her back.

Babes was not going to be depicted as a victim, but as somebody that is part of the problem and someone that is very eratic.”

Another source revealed that the reality show was previewed late last year and it was billed as a three-part special that will broadcast under a different name.

According to the insiders’ report, the December edit did not favour Mampintsha’s version of events and it was more balanced.

When it was supposed to come out in December it was supposed to just be three episodes and it was called something else.

I don’t know what happened in-between December and now because it was now promoted as a series and under a different name.

From what I gathered the current one favoured Mampintsha’s version of events. The initial one was special that tackled different dynamics in their relationship- sort of Bonnie & Clyde.

Mandla Maphumulo, also known as Mampintsha, remarked that the reality show would cast the two of them in a bad light.

Any unfavorable personal conduct by myself and my girlfriend viewed by my fans and large audience would reflect us in a bad light. This would not only harm our goodwill but also other musicians associated with me.

The second respondent’s and my prima emanate from our right to privacy and our good name as well as the financial and professional consequences that result from it.”

Mampintsha also remarked that the material that was going to be broadcasted violated the couple’s rights to privacy.

Moyo, the head of the channel in Moja Love said:

The channel is committed to broadcast fair and honest programmes reflecting the lived experiences of all South Africans.

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