Mampintsha’s “Real Wife” Lashes Out At Babes Wodumo

It appears like there’s no end in sight in the drama surrounding Babes Wodumo, Mampintsha, and their families. A new lady has popped online claiming to be Mampintsha’s real life and asking Babes Wodumo to leave alone.

In case you missed it, here’s the backstory. Last year, in a viral Instagram session, Babes Wodumo has accused the Limpopo singer of sleeping with her husband Mampintsha. She also made wild claims about Mampintsha’s mother, Gumede.

Although she later apologized to Mampintsha’s mother, she didn’t withdraw the claims she made about Makhadzi. Reacting to the claim, had laughed it off, insisting that the “Gqom Queen” was clout-chasing to promote her “Crown” album.

Enter the New Year and a lady who identified herself as Mameshis urging Babes Wodumo to leave alone, claiming she, Mamesh, is the real wife of the West Ink boss.

She implied that Mampintsha’s family had hidden her all the while but she remained the legal first wife of Mandla (Mampintsha). So far, the West Ink boss hasn’t said anything regarding the lady’s claim.

Could the lady be clout-chasing like Babes Wodumo, or she’s got a case worth hearing. The story is still developing, so stay tuned.

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