MaMzobe Comes For Everything On Umkhokha

Fans can’t stop talking about Mamzobe as she comes for everything on the recent episode of “Umkhokha.”

“Umkhokha: The Curse” has been one of the most talked-about shows recently. The plot and performance of the actors have earned acclaim from viewers who consistently dominate social media with reactions to the storyline.

MamZobe has been one of the most talked-about characters on the show. You might even call her a fan favourite because the series is what it is today because of her hunger for power. On Friday’s episode, we watched her bring war to the Mthembu doorstep, and she did not relent. There were casualties in the MaMzobe and MaNzimande’s war.

In the recent episode, MamZobe seems to have won because MaNzimande agrees to leave the Mthembu mansion. However, MaNzimande is disappointed with the councilmen, and she does not relent to tell her.

A clip of MamZobe confronting protesters with a water truck and threatening to spray them until they leave has made rounds on social media. While some fans of the show love how much of a villain she is, some hate the fact that she always gets away with everything. Watch the dramatic clip below. You will certainly love it.


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