Man Arrested Over Massive Fire Outbreak In South African Parliament

A man has been arrested after a massive fire ripped through the South African parliament. The fire reportedly started in the oldest wing of the building, which is said to be 138 years old.

The wing housed some old manuscripts and documents, and at press time after the fire, some of the documents were said to have been gutted.

According to local authorities, the third floor of the building, as well as the ceiling, collapsed due to the fierceness of the fire

The fire started at 3 a.m. yesterday Sunday, January 2. Firefighters from multiple stations in Cape Town, where the building is located, stormed the scene and were able to put the fire under control after several hours.

A 48-year old man, unnamed at the time of writing, was arrested on charges of theft and arson. Brig Nomthandazo Mbambo, a spokesperson for the Hawks, noted that the said man had gained entry into the building through a back window after jumping over a fence.

Brig Nomthandazo Mbambo also noted that some items suspected to have been stolen from the parliament building were found with the man, who is not a member of the South African parliament.

President Ramaphosa visited the scene but was not allowed to go too close to the balding for safety reasons. The arrested man is due in court on Tuesday.

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