Many Felt Mlindo The Vocalist Was The Secret Huawei Ambassador Before Nasty C Was Announced

Before their official announcement, the person who was believed to be Hauwei’s brand ambassador was Mlindo The Vocalist. However, we later found out that the mystery person was none other than the ‘Strings & Bling’ rapper, Nasty C.

Huawei, one of the most popular mobile and technology companies, recently teased their newest South African ambassador. This happened before the virtual concert on the 29th of May, 2020.

had released a promotional poster than details its recently-announced ambassadors including Thulo, Minnie Dlamini Jones, DJ Tira, and NaakMusiQ.

There was a mystery figure at the centre of the post and this figure looked like it had dreaded hair. This caused many people to assume that the person was Mlindo The Vocalist.

After being asked to guess the identity of the mysterious figure, many Twitter users were quick to assume that the person was Mlindo The Vocalist. This caused the artist’s name to trend on Twitter.

However, to the surprise of many people, the mystery figure has been revealed to be none other than the multi-award-winning rapper, Nasty C.

Check out the posts:

In other news, Nasty C recently promised to maintain his originality despite being with the American record label, Def Jam Records. The young rapper has assured his fans that he will always stay true to his roots even though he has become a member of the popular American record label.

In early March, the talented rapper had announced his new deal with Def Jam Records. The news came as a big one to all lovers of hip hop as one of their favourite stars is going global.

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