Mapara A Jazz Performs John Vuli Gate On Idols SA This Sunday

Sunday is just a few hours away. Already, though, fans of reality television show Idols SA are gearing to view the day’s performance.

It will be showstopper week, and the trending group Mapara A will perform their hit song “John Vuli Gate” live before the audience. The group has expressed excitement at the prospect of performing on the Idols SA circuit.

“John Vuli Gate,” the hit, was released in collaboration with Ntosh Gaz and and has been viewed over one million times on YouTube.  The song has spawned a dance challenge which has since gone global.

However, controversy persists over the ownership pf the song “John Vuli Gate.” Ndivhuwo Nephawe, a brother to McMillan “Man Malaya,” one of the two members of the Mapara A group, is claiming that McMillan “Man Malaya” stole the song from him and his band Scara Chilli Ya Baba sometime in July.

According to Ndivhuwo Nephawe, Mapara A stole the song after a studio listening session they were invited to. You can check out the backstory here.

Well, are you looking forward to Sunday 1 November 2020, when Mapara A will perform “John Vuli Gate”? you may share your thoughts in the comments below

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