Maraza On Being Overlooked By Stogie T For His Friday Freestyles!

Maraza speaks on being overlooked for Freestyle Fridays by Stogie T

Maraza talks about being overlooked by Stogie T for his weekly Freestyle Fridays.

Everyone who is a fan of SA Hip-hop knows how much Stogie T’s Freestyle Fridays have become one of the most sort after shows on social media. Weekly, Stogie T features a number of rappers who freestyle with him to beats and instrumentals.

Maraza has however never been featured on it. This obviously doesn’t make him happy because he’s speaking out about it. The popular MC has been known to speak his mind about things that get to him. He believes that people do not see him as a good rapper and says it isn’t their fault because he is easily forgettable.

He took to Twitter to air his views on the matter saying he knows no one would nominate him to feature because he isn’t that active and or even visible. We wonder what Stogie T would think about this.

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