Maraza On The Struggles Of Being An Independent Artist

Being an independent artist is not that easy from this side of the world. Not surprisingly, only a few end up making a success of their careers as independent artists.

Well, South African musician Maraza has just given some insight into this reality for the benefit of those who are thinking of going independent ot who just want to have an idea about how the industry works.

In a post shared on his official Instagram page, the songster gave insights into the life of an independent artist, pointing out that coming up with a song is fairly easy, but the process that goes into making the tune is not as easy as it might appear. The point is, it is not exactly an easy ride being and indie artist.

A lot of reasons account for why artists are independent, from being unable to find record labels to push their craft and brand, to fights with record labels that see them going solo.

Either way, independent artists are part of the culture and will always be a part of the culture. Of course, some of them will go on to have massive successes as independent artists, and some will struggle for much of their careers.

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