Maraza Urges Black Brothers To Be Anti Bad Men

Maraza calls for men especially black brothers to be anti bad men

speaks out, and calls for men (black brothers especially) to be anti bad men.

Everytime speaks, Mzansi listens. He definitely has all our attention. The talented rapper who has been a bit undercover decided to speak out concerning the ills currently happening in society.

He addressed many issues with a shared video of himself which he dedicated to Tshegofatso Pule. She was an eight-month pregnant Durban lady who was found hung from a tree with stab wounds on her chest inflicted by her boyfriend.

stated that it isn’t okay to just be good men while women constantly suffer at the hands of “pathetic men”. According to him, there are good men, but a lot of them stand aside while bad things happen.

He appealed to the “good men” in Mzansi (mostly black men because he identifies more with them) urging them to not only be good men, but also anti bad men. He said,

“Not all white people are evil the problem is the non racist white people, a lot of them stand aside while their racist friends or family members commit their racism

It’s no longer enough for me to keep a happy home within my own walls, it takes a village to raise a kid just like it takes an army of to take down evil men”

“We have to do something to and about these guys who feel that their strength should be displayed by putting it on top of a woman and squeezing her lifeless

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