Marc Rantseli Of MarcAlex Music Group Dead At 58

It is a sad moment for the Rantseli clan and fans of the musical duo MarcAlex, one of them having just been declared dead.

According to reports, Marc was admitted to the hospital where he was said to be suffering from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, the high blood pressure put so much pressure on his brain, resulting in his death. At the time he passed away, he had two children.

Since the news of his death broke – as announced by Alex – fans have been pouring into social media to share their thoughts about the musical legacy of the deceased, as well as condole with his grieving family. It was one death many had not seen coming, especially as many were also unaware of his illness.

MarcALex – the combination of March and Alex – was a standout musical duo in the 80s, with several notable numbers to their credit. However, most people who knew them from that era would point to “Quick Quick” as their most memorable tune yet.

It is unclear when Marc’s funeral would be held. But we are following events and might share that with you as soon as the family releases details of his memorial service and funeral. Stay tuned.

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