Mariah Carey On “Explosive” Meeting With Jay Z

Mariah Carey On “Explosive” Meeting With Jay Z

Mariah Carey has addressed rumours she had an explosive encounter with Roc Nation’s Jay-Z over the future of her career, ultimately dismissing it as nothing short of twaddle.

An earlier report (not by us) had claimed that the “Don’t Forget About Us” singer had an “explosive” meeting with Jay-Z and made it clear to him that she no longer want to have anything to do with his Roc Nation label.

Another report, from The Daily Mirror, contradicts the first. In the report, a source had claimed that Mariah Carey’s relationship with Roc nation ended amicably, and that she’s still on splendid terms with Jay-Z.

On the rumours of her “explosive” split from Roc Nation, Mariah Carey clarified in a video posted to Instagram and Twitter that there was no explosive fallout with Roc Nation. She described as “lies” report of an “explosive” encounter, ultimately urging those who made the lies to just vanish – disappear, go away. You can check out her video below.

By the way, most of her fans loved the way she addressed the issue and commended her in the comments to her post on Twitter and Instagram.

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