Mario Believes There’s No Other Singer Who Can Compete With Him Vocally

R&B star, Mario brags and says there’s no other singer who can compete with him vocally.

Tell every R&B and pop singer out there, especially the ones with Grammy-nominated albums and singles that Mario is challenging them to a sing-off. You heard that right. Well, he didn’t actually name names but he sure did call them out.

A while ago, the “Let Me Love You” hit maker crowned himself the King Of R&B. While that’s debatable, it isn’t the focus of this post. The singer believes that no other singer in the music scene can compete with him vocally. Yes, he said no one can.

Mario appeared in a chat with Angie Martinez where he spoke about how vocally advanced he is more than every other singer in the game. It would seem he wants his own Verzuz battle as he subtly challenged other R&B artists. According to him, he’s got way “too much sauce” which makes him more of a threat to everyone else.

He also revealed that he would be willing a to set up whatever battle Angie wants if she can get anyone to face him. He clearly stated that he’s looking to battle people who have put out music “Grammy-nominated” people.

If I had to put somebody in the same room with me, as far as vocally, I can’t see—there’s no one that’s in the game that can [compete] with me vocally. It’s nobody because it’s too much sauce… I think they know it too. I don’t think there’s one person that can say yo, if it’s me and Mario in the room, I can f*ck with him vocally. If you can get somebody to admit that Ang, we can set up whatever you want, however you want it.”

He continued,

There’s dudes behind the scenes that love to sing people’s songs all day on they Instagram that’s vocal beasts. I’m talking about dudes in the game that had success, had records on the charts, put actual albums out, Grammy-nominated people. There’s nobody.”

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