Marvel Ditches Jonathan Majors Following Assault Conviction

He may have been fierce in his dismissal of the allegations against him at the outset, but Jonathan Majors was unable to shake them off and has just been convicted of assault.

The news of his conviction reverberated throughout the entertainment universe, with many people unable to come to terms with the fact that he had ruined his career with his indiscretion. Some of his fans are adamant he didn’t get a fair trial though.

Either way, he’s now on record to have been convicted of assault and the impact on his career is already beginning to show. For one, according to multiple reports, the film franchise Marvel has dropped him as part of its series. Previously, he played the role of Kang The Conqueror as part of the Marvel series.

Marvel deciding to drop him is pretty telling and might motivate other brands to do the same. The reality is that even if other brands do not follow the example of Marvel, Jonathan Majors will remain a marked man as a convict of assault.

Out there, some tweeps are saying his career is over with his latest conviction. But is it? The coming days should have an answer.

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