Mashudu Shares Her Adotion Story On Podcast And Chill With MacG – Watch

Life does not usually turn out the way most people want it in the beginning. But then, they learn to make the best of the gift in their hands. Such is the story of the SPOuth African singer Mashudu.

The songstress was a recent guest on Podacat and Chill With MacG, where she Dwelled on several subjects, including the fact that she was adopted. While her biological mother was Venda, her adoptive mother was Sotho.

So, she was mostly surrounded by Sotho women growing up. According to her, she was very young when the adoption took place, so she doesn’t have all the details about the adoption process. She, however, noted that her adoptive mother took her from a welfare centre.

She praised her adoptive mother for a job well done, describing herself as a Sptho woman because her adoptive mother raised her well. In her teens, she made it clear that she didn’t want to meet her biological mother.

Later in her life, though, she still got to meet her biological mother. The connection with her biological mother isn’t particularly deep, according to her, and it may not change anytime soon. The deepest connection she has had is with her adoptive mother.

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