Maskandi Artiste Mthandeni Snubs R15K Performance Fee

Some artistes know their worth and would not take it lightly if they are not respected or given their dues as creators. One such artiste is the maskandi maestro Mthandeni. 

Apparently the songster had been booked to perform at a show for R15k but he failed to turn up. Asked why he failed to perform after he was booked, he described the sum offered to him as paltry. So he merely went on the stage to greet his fans and leave. 

To show how measly the 15k was to him, he elected to give fans the said sum to recharge their phones. The move elicited laughter from some social media users. You can check out the video below.

By the way, although maskandi is not the dominant genre in South Africa right now, it is already making inroads internationally. 

Not long ago, the guitarist and notable maskandi artiste Mbuzeni Mkhize had captured the attention of Rihanna after he performed his remix of  Rihanna’s “Diamond” tune. 

The Barbadian singer had invited her over to the United States where the pair worked on a song together. 

Well, what do you think of think of z Mthandeni declining to perform for R15k

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