Mass Amusement As Kanye West’s Child North West Dresses Like Him & Gets Friend To Imitate Kim Kardashian

Kids have got dreams, too, although they might appear too young to be looking in particular directions. This reality plays out again and again, the most recent being with North West, the daughter of celebrated American rapper Kanye West.

The kid has once again dressed up like her father, Ye, and got another kid to dress like her mother Kim Kardashian. Thanks to the magic of makeup, the resemblance between the real Ye and Kim and the made-up versions was just uncanny.

Not surprisingly, given the great resemblance and the calibre of the people the kids wanted to project, there was great interest in the result and many continue to talk about it long after it popped on social media.

It wasn’t the first time that North would attempt this. And it might not be the last. From her actions, it might be inferred that she is missing her parents as a couple. The couple used to be an item, but their relationship has since collapsed and Ye’s attempt to get her back has failed miserably, leading to sporadic outbursts from his side.

It remains to be seen whether North’s dream of having her parents back together will materialize. Stay tuned

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