Mass Assassination Of Chickens, Load Shedding Force KFC To Shut Down 70 Outlets in Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal

With way too many chickens either killed, murdered or assassinated, and with the spectre of load shedding walking tall, fast food giant KFC is facing a chicken shortage and has had to shut down several of its outlets.

According to the fast food brand, its chicken suppliers are seriously affected by the load shedding that has plagued South Africa for much of 2022, and they cannot meet their supply obligations to KFC as a result.

Indeed load shedding has been one of the sore points of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency this year, leading to the call for the president’s resignation and the exit of the power utility (Eskom) boss Andre de Ruyter. While de Ruyter resigned, Ramaphosa is still very much in his position.

Well, about the KFC chicken shortage, according to reports, the branches that have had to close down as a result of chicken shortage induced by load shedding (or lack of constant power supply) are in the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal areas.

Mass Assassination Of Chickens, Load Shedding Force Kfc To Shut Down 70 Outlets In Pretoria And Kwazulu-Natal 2

According to a KFC spokesperson, the brand’s “chicken on the bone item” is the most affected by load shedding. However, a host of other menu items are still available, including burgers and wraps.

It remains to be seen how soon the power situation will improve and KFC will be on track once again.

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