Mass Excitement As Beyonce’s Renaissance Concert Film Drops This December

You can always count on American singer Beyonce to exploit every ounce of creative energy she has within her. Well, she’s currently showing this side of her with plans to release a film based on her Renaissance World Tour.

The songstress released an album dubbed “Renaissance” after a longish while, provoking joy among her fans. Thereafter, she had announced a tour to promote the project and actually went on the same.

Of course, the tour wasn’t without controversy, as some people criticized her for not including Nigeria and other African countries as part of the tour. Anyway, that appears to be in the past at the moment, as the songstress is focused on releasing a film about the tour.

“Renaissance: A FIlm By Beyonce” is expected to be out later in December. As early as December 1, fans should expect to see what the singer had taken time to create. 

In the interim, there is a trailer for the upcoming film. There was massive excitement among the Beyhive (as the singer’s fans are collectively known) when the trailer popped online. It is like dessert before the main course, and fans are already lapping it up. You can check out the trailer below.

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