Mass Excitement As Black Coffee Tweets He’s Ready To Appear On Podcast & Chill With MacG

There is palpable excitement in South Africa after celebrated South African disc jockey and producer Black Coffee indicated he’s ready to be on the set of Podcast and Chill With MacG.

The podcast is easily one of the most controversial in South Africa and has gotten a dedicated following, too. It has also interviewed some of the top names in South African culture and entertainment. Of course, some key names have declined to appear on the podcast as well.

Now, Black Coffee, who recently won a Grammy will be popping on the set. Understandably, South Africans can’t keep calm. There are waaaaay so many questions South Africans would have thrown at him, including some unsaid things about his failed marriage to actress Enhle Mbali, who was recently exposed to be having an affair with another.

In a tweet, Black Coffe mentioned MacG and his podcast so-host Sol Phenduka, letting them know he is ready to come and chill on their set. In a tweet, Sol also confirmed he’s been in touch on the phone with the musician.

With Black Coffee on the set of Podcast and Chill, there is the possibility of a tell-all interview – something South Africans have been dying to have.

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