Mass Excitement As Moshe Ndiki Reportedly Welcomes Twin Boys Via Surrogate

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A  while back, South African media personality Moshe Ndiki shared that he was expecting twins from a surrogate mother. He even shared snaps of him holding the baby bump of the surrogate but did well to hide her face,

Anyway, expectations have given birth to reality and a joyful celebration of birth. Moshe Ndiki is now a father to twin boys. Boys are highly priced across Africa, so perhaps that explains why his joy appears complete with the knowledge that he is now father to two of them.

While the identity of the surrogate mother has not been officially revealed, some sources claim that she was a lady to whom the radio personality was previously married. She was also reportedly seen as she left the Life Fourways Hospital with her newborn babies.

At the time of writing. Moshe Ndiki had not posted about having welcomed the kids yet. But that would not be long. A man who had been consumed with the hopes of being a father would certainly not go silent after welcoming them/ Most likely at his own time, the official announcement will follow,

In the interim, fans are more than happy to embrace the news of the birth and share the same online.