Mass Fever Of Expectancy As SpaceX Starship Readies For Launch

Centuries ago, the thoughts of an orbital launch would have been greeted with guffaws and verbal notes of impossibility. But man has evolved so much over time and acquired so much knowledge in the last few decades that many thoughts hitherto considered impossible are now possible.

We are in the space age and one of the companies leading the ambitious leap into orbit is Space X, a company owned by the South African-American Elon Musk. After years of intense work and priming itself for the challenge ahead, the company’s Starship vehicle is set to make its first orbital launch.

Mass Fever Of Expectancy As Spacex Starship Readies For Launch 2

There is palpable excitement not only within the company but on social media as well as Space X’s Starship as the space vehicle is geared to take off from Space X’s facility in Texas. It’s already gleaming in position, awaiting the historic moment when it would lift off for its maiden voyage into orbit.

To give space buffs an idea of what is to come, Space X shared splendid images of the Starship amid the Texas sun, ready for launch. Elon Musk had tweeted that the orbital vehicle was ready to launch but just awaiting regulatory approval. April 17 doesn’t seem far away for history to be made.

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