Massive Buzz As Shauwn Mkhize’s Alleged Fraud & Conviction Resurfaces

It is often said that one cannot escape one’s past, especially when its letters are bad. Well, this may have been proven true in the case of South African businesswoman Shaun Mkhize.

Her part reportedly showed fraudulent dealings and even a conviction. But it appears many people are unaware of this nor have since forgotten. Enter Carte Blanche  with the dossier.

Carte Blanche is gearing up to release an interview it had with the flamboyant businesswoman while also exposing her fraudulent past.

It already dropped a teaser on X, letting fans know what’s on the way. While the businesswoman reportedly has a fraud conviction, she is determined it shouldn’t stick to her.

Asked about it, she hedged a bit, stating it was false and defamatory. “But it can’t be me because that wasn’t me… it’s the company.” Whether a company can be convicted for fraud is debatable, but there is palpable buzz online over the revelation of her allegedly fraudulent pas. You can check out the post below.

Known for her flamboyance and love of attention, Shauwn Mkhize has become the symbol of “the dream” for many young people. It turns out many of them are unaware of her past or don’t care about it.

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