Massive Excitement as “Thor: Love and Thunder” Trailers Premieres

Thor fans are in for another cinematic feast as producers of the series tease a trailer trainer of what’s imminent, “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Trailers are usually laden with messages and give clues about what follows in flicks. The trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” is no different. Short though it is, it serves as a powerful clue to what fans should expect in the imminent movie. 

The trailer begins with what might pass for evolutionary magic. In sequences, Thor is seen running in the woods first as a child and then as a teenager, ultimately transitioning into the mighty figure fans have grown to love. 

In the trailer, Thor also had a reflective moment — how he used to use his hand for war. A lot has since changed, and he decided to ditch his hammer (Stormbreaker), which he had used to fight his adversaries, and work for peace. 

The trailer indicates that Thor has evolved remarkably. From a fierce God of thunder always thirsting for way, viewers might see a much more mellow figure who has put in some work on himself and is still doing the same. 

“Thor: Love and Thunder” will be out on July 8. Y’all ready?

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