Master KG Celebrates Twitter Verification By Giving Out eWallets

The wins continue for of the of “Jerusalema” fame, as he gets verified on Twitter. This new milestone would not have been particularly significant excepted that, once upon a time, the songster was begging to be followed as well as asking how he could get verified.

Well, the songster has exited the begging stage. Not only has his following increased, without him having to beg again, he has been verified as well, joining the league of verified celebs in Mzansi.

The songster is so chuffed with his verification status that he is sending ewallets to his compatriots in Mzansi in celebration – those who are prepared to follow his simple instructions.

In a tweet, the songster he’ll be sending R500 ewallet each to 8 persons. All they have to do is tweet the hashtag #ShineYourLightMasterKG. He said he would pick the tweets with the most likes.

The said hashtag celebrates master KG’s collaborative single with the French DJ and producer and his American counterpart Akon.

By the way, just recently, Nomcebo had accused of not having paid her a dime for her work on their “Jerusalema” song. But Master insists she was making unreasonable demands of 70 percent, instead of sticking to their 50/50 agreement.