Master KG On Claims He Stole His Nkosazana Daughter-Featured Song “Keneilwe” Song From Dalom Kids

Allegations of theft are nothing new in the world of music. We have about that every other day. Of particular significance, though, is the identity of the person accused of appropriating the works of another musician.

Well, what has South African singer and record producer Master KG got to say after being accused of stealing the song “Keneilwe,” featuring Nkosazana Daughter?

The group Dalom Kids allegedly wrote the song “Celebrate,” which Master KG reworked into “Keneilwe.” And, allegedly,  no credit was given to the source.

Well, Master KG is having none of the claims when confronted with the allegation that he was claiming ownership of a song that wasn’t his. Reacting to the post, he was indirectly dismissive, pointing out that he has been in the music industry long enough to be that reckless.

The bottom line? He indicated he was not guilty of what he was accused of. You can check out the post below.

Master KG – real name Kgaogelo Moagi – is currently one of South Africa’s most recognised voices. He has been in the music industry for several years, but it wasn’t until he released his “Jerusalema” in collaboration with Nomcebo that he became a global brand and voice

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