Master KG Thanks Radio Stations For Supporting Him & His “Jerusalema” Hit

“Skeleton Move” muso Master KG has thanked radio stations across the world for their support in promoting his song “Jerusalema” and making it the global hit that it is today. The song features his compatriot Nomcebo.

In a tweet yesterday 9 October 2020, the songster acknowledged he has been number one on radio stations for countless weeks via his “Jerusalema” hit.

The song isn’t Master KG’s first hit but it has become his biggest hit and most successful song to date. “Jerusalema” has been at the top of th trends in South Africa for a long time and has inspired a dance challenge. Ordinary citizen and even members of the armed forces had taken up the challenge.

Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising given that President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa encouraged his people to do the challenge on heritage day.

By the way, the “Jerusalema” tune is well on it’s way to becoming the most streamed South African song ever – if it isn’t already.

By the way, rcently a little controversy erupted over the owbership of the song, with the poet Ntsiki Mazwai stating that Nomcebo should be given ifity percent of the song’s profits, having been a part in the song’s creation.

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